The Trio

Originally from Chicago, the Leslie Maclean Trio appeared at many of that city’s top jazz clubs including Orphan’s on Lincoln Avenue, The Bulls in Lincoln Park West, and The Back Room on Rush Street. The group now performs throughout the Midwest region where it continues to play unique, exciting and passionate renditions of jazz classics as well as Leslie’s original compositions.

The Trio has appeared at top jazz venues in the Midwest including Jardine's, Bar Natasha, The Blue Room, Green Lady Lounge, Black Dolphin (KC), Dazzle (Denver), University of Illinois, The Broadview (Wichita), Acoustic Sounds Café (Little Rock), the Ritz-Carlton, Cafe Balaban, the Bistro, Finale and other jazz venues in the St. Louis area.

No stranger to radio and TV media, the group has appeared on Ross Gentile’s ‘Standards in Jazz’ radio show on WSIE-FM, Don Wolfe’s Saturday night Jazz Show on KMOX-AM, Groovy Grant's "The Original Traffic Jam" show and KC’s “Afternoon Jazz” show both on KKFI-FM, Ginnie Coleman’s “Just Jazz” show on KCUR, David Basse’s “The Jazz Scene” show on KANU, Barry Gaston’s “The Jazz Café” show on KMUW, Joe Boehnlein’s show on WICR, and the Morning Show on FOX 2 TV in St. Louis. The Trio's newest CD, That’s Time Enough, received national airplay and international airplay in the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Bogotá, Colombia.

Leslie Maclean adds a special dimension to her piano-based jazz trio with unique arrangements that create a trio-sized big band sound. The music features the sophisticated harmonies and rhythms that are the hallmarks of modern mainstream jazz. Just as in large ensemble arranging, Maclean uses each instrument to the fullest, providing all members of the group with equally important musical elements to contribute. Maclean’s arrangements also draw on her extensive classical background, exhibiting a wide range of emotion, complex thematic development, and intense musical drama. Always engaging, with warmth, humor, and delightful surprises waiting around every corner, the Leslie Maclean Trio takes each listener on an unforgettable journey through the many facets of jazz.

Appearing with Leslie Maclean and Jerry Pollock (LMT percussionist and business manager) are some of the region's finest bassists, including national icons Bob Bowman and Tom Kennedy, Steve Rigazzi, Tim Brewer, Joseph Straws Jr., Craig Akin, Willem von Hombracht and Zeb Briskovich.